Saturday, 13 April 2013

Farewell Aotearoa New Zealand


  • An amazing last 4 months in NZ savouring our amazing country, family, friends.
  • April 8th 5pm departed Dunedin, 11pm departed Auckland enroute to Shanghai.
  • Farewell, we love you!

A little deeper beneath the surface

Late last year Anna and I announced to our respective work places (Otago
University Early Childhood Centre and Balmacewen Intermediate School)
that we would be leaving and heading overseas. From that time on life has
been full of lists and jobs: booking tickets, perusing maps, google searches,
purchasing essential equipment, repairing old equipment, arranging visas, cycle
maintenance lessons, language learning, emailing and the final packing.

Times of transition are always full of mixed and heightened emotion. As our
departure drew closer we have been so fortunate to spend so many special times
with our most precious people in our home town of Dunedin and other beautiful
locations around our beloved deep south of NZ.

One special thank you to Geoff Masterton, formerly a bicycle mechanic at Cycle
Surgery. I taught Geoff’s son Sam at Balmacewen last year. Geoff has been
incredibly generous and enthusiastic and a wonderful teacher. Here’s hoping we
were wonderful students and our learning can keep the bikes rolling forward.
Thanks Geoff!

A huge thank you, and goodbye to you all. It is hard to describe how precious this
time leading to our departure has been and how proud we are of our home and
our people. I will let some pictures do the speaking. Farewell for now!

Andy is posting for Ollie and Anna while they are behind the Great Firewall of China. 

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