Sunday, 21 April 2013

Into the mountains we go

Perhaps we stumbled upon a workers lunch? A community picnic? Our language limitations meant we ended up sharing a free lunch at what was definitely not a restaurant for travellers! Whatever we had stumbled upon it was a festive welcome and introduction to rural mountain culture.

Just when we thought we might be on track to experience a day with no chaos we met this scene. "The hole is too small" (Quote from Chinese cycle tourist). I felt vindicated that these drivers are actually insane and deserve a few problems from time to time for the stupidity. Perhaps the hole is big enough but too big trucks should take their time a little more?!

After a beautiful night in a small mountain village we cycled up through an amazing section of deep gorges and remote forest covered hills towering above us with rivers flowing far below. Finally some quiet roads.

More climbing but all this work is good times! Day 5 on the road took us from 1300m in a town called Luding, up another beautiful mountain valley to Kangding township at 2500m.

As we transitioned into higher places and are making our way further west the smog is blowing away below revealing our first views of the high peaks. This area is also the beginning of the transition between the Han Chinese population and the Tibetan population.

Andy is posting for Ollie and Anna while they are behind the Great Firewall of China.

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  1. Amazing adventures. loving to read and thinking of you.
    Love from Rita andn Pete