Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Caucasus Mountains: A slideshow

Bullet points

We've ridden another around 700km through Georgia and are now on the Black Sea coast.

In more detail but not much more!

After nine days of riding in Georgia we now find ourselves relaxing at a seaside resort, well kind of relaxing, as much as one can with bass heavy techno pumping loud into the night and neon lights flashing wildly! Our flight to Tbilisi was successful, bikes and us arriving without glitch. The Georgian countryside has been dramatic, we've ridden through lush flat lands covered in grapevines and all manner of crops. We've ridden on roads covered in all manner of cows and of course the effluent they leave behind! Our path has lead us along the most scary and crazy autobahn, which is much narrower than any autobahn should be, where two lanes are used as four. In contrast we've also rolled along a narrow and rocky alpine track with only the occasional small villages and next to no traffic. We climbed up through deep valleys into the Caucasus Mountains in the north of the country into a region called Svaneti. This was a fantastic adventure through a remote and rough mountain region. Our last days dropped us back down onto the plains and out to the Black Sea, a much anticipated occasion. So now it's time for a rest before we head on to Southern Georgia and in about one week we plan to cross the border and enter Armenia. Here's a little taster of the adventures of the last nine days. Enjoy!


ollie_yeoman's Georgia Svaneti region album on Photobucket

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