Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Riding on in Georgia

Day one in Georgia we discovered the rack mount on Anna's forks had snapped off. Day two it was repaired by these good chaps spontaneously on the roadside. The appearance of the grinder did have us a little nervous!

Our favourite Georgian cuisine has been Hajapuri, a wonderful fried flat bread filled with strong cheese. Oooohyaya!This guy gave us lots for free. As we were mid-ride we were relieved that despite pouring from a two litre beer bottle he was in fact just serving us chilled waters.

It's official, this is the yummiest food since departing NZ! Hajapuri Ageria. A hot bread boat filled with egg, melted butter and oodles of strong cheese, crispy on the outside, soft on the inner. Culinary perfection. Served only on the Batumi coast of Georgia, sadly. We better savour it!
Atop our high pass (2700m) through Georgia's Svaneti region we met a lovely bunch of Isaeli's on a 4WD journey. Stoked to see this guys cap. We connected!

The georgeous town of Ushguli  and it's distinctive ancient towers. Locals claim Ushguli is the highest village in Europe (if Georgia is classed as Europe?!). In summer an alpine medow, in winter it sits under metres of snow.

After nine days from Tbilisi we reached the Black Sea, our first seaside in over four months. That's a long time for us coastal Kiwis!I must have gotten a little carried away with the sun soaking on the beach and earned myself a sweet new t-shirt!

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  1. Do people live in Ushguli in the winter? I know some of those villages are only occupied in summer.